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Our solution (and preventative measure):
•  Protects wiring from debris, birds, rodents and small animals to better protect your solar arrays.
• Utilizes black clips and black coated wire for a clean, classic look
• Consists of wire gauge that is thick enough to hold up to animals,

yet thin enough to promote airflow under your solar array for maximum production (specifically designed for this!)



Leave the critter removal to the experts!

Got Critters?

It's very rare, but sometimes "critters" make their home under solar panel arrays. If that happens, we will:

  • Professionally remove any debris, nests, even critters!
  • Evaluate your solar energy system for any damage.
  • Repair any damage.
  • Install Solar Critter Stop.

Experience Counts

Our parent company, Built Well Solar, is Long Island's original solar energy company.

We've installed thousands of solar panels, so we understand how to remediate damage that critters such as squirrels and pigeons can do in those rare instances when this occurs.

Our Solar Critter Stop is specifically designed to be installed around a solar arrays, with the sturdiness needed to prevent critters from penetrating, and providing the proper airflow that solar panels for optimal production.

The process is simple:

1. Contact us at 516-695-1000

2. Our technicians will evaluate any current

     critter issues,  and measure the perimeter

     areas around your solar array(s).

3. We'll provide a written estimate.

4. We'll schedule your installation.  

5. DONE!

Squirrels? Pigeons?

It's warm and cozy in the gap between solar panels and the roof, creating an attractive nesting environment for critters. This may happen when habitats change, as when major construction occurs in the neighborhood.

SQUIRRELS. Squirrels have babies early Spring and mid-Summer,  so that's when most nesting issues occur. And, they sometimes chew the wiring in solar energy systems because they are often coated with nut-based or vegetable-based oils they love. They can even chew straight through to expose the wiring, causing damage or even a shutdown of a PV system.

PIGEONS. Known as the rats of the sky, wild pigeons don't damage wiring but their damp nests and debris can damage roof shingles. Also, pigeons can carry disease, leave unsanitary and unsightly droppings, and create a noise nuisance. 

WASPS & OTHER PESTS. Our associated professional exterminators can also help with wasps, bees, other insects or pests on your roof or elsewhere.

About Us

Solar Critter Stop is a service company of Long Island's original solar energy company, BUILT WELL SOLAR.  Since we specialize in designing and installing solar energy systems, who better to evaluate any critter damage and repair and restore your system to its former operational functioning? 

          And, we are prepared to install the needed wire Solar Critter Stop to prevent any future damage.

          And, our technicians work hand-in-hand with our associated licensed professional exterminator to remove and eliminate critters safely and humanely*.

Built Well Solar is Long Island’s original solar energy company, capturing the power of the sun since 2001, longer than any other company here.

A "SOLAR 500" company, Built Well Solar is ranked among the top 500 U.S. solar companies. We offer a refreshing, no pressure informative approach and FREE, NO OBLIGATION solar evaluations for homes and businesses. We are your neighbors, not newcomers and not a national chain, dedicated to our local Long Island economy, providing uncompromising customer service right here in our own backyard!

Our Story: CLICK HERE to read the feature story about how our company started -- it all began with our founder, Long Island's true solar pioneer, a 9/11 responder.